Groupies can be so annoyingly persistent, the ones who simply want to die for me are bad enough but it’s the ones who’ve sought my services so they can finally have the chance live out their darkest fantasy are the most persistent. Of course, on the plus side, they’re the ones usually willing to pay.

This is Callie. Callie came here this evening to experience her darkest fantasy. Of course, I’m going to fulfil her darkly masochistic desire. After all, she’d also brought along a suitcase full of cash, half a million in used non-sequential twenties, and did I mention it was a rather large suitcase. Besides, when a stunningly beautiful woman, wearing nothing but a revealing crimson lace bodysuit and matching high heels, smiles seductively as she tells you she loves you and then asks you to chain her up against the wall and do her. How could I refuse?

With her wrists securely locked, I slid my hand downward to the crotch of her delightfully revealing lace bodysuit, the warm wetness of Callie’s arousal quickly coating my fingers, a sudden hiss of pure carnal delight escaping her ruby-red lips as my probing fingertips slipped effortlessly into the molten depths of her sex. I can sense her rapidly approaching orgasm. I wait until she’s a single heartbeat away from climaxing before I quickly pulled my soaking wet fingers from the tight depths of her sex.

I can see the startled look of disappointment and sexual frustration in her eyes. Smiling behind my signature steel mask, I bring my hand up, her full seductive lips opening to envelope my fingers as she eagerly licks the wetness of her arousal from my fingers. Slipping my fingers out of her sensuous mouth, I pause to slide them along her jaw line as I lightly caress the side of her lovely face. Instinctively, Callie turned her face toward my fingers, closing her eyes as she basked in the gentle warm caress of my hand against her skin.

As I silently admired the unmistakable look of utter contentment upon Callie’s lovely face, her eyes slowly opened as my hand slipped down from her cheek to squeeze her throat. That sensuous look of contentment changing to overwhelming fear as she notices the knife, its deadly blade poised to stab deep into her guts.

As she glances back up and our eyes meet, I already know what she’s thinking. She’s seen several of my snuff films and knows there’s absolutely nothing she can say that would cause me to spare her life. Pausing for a single heartbeat to admire the intensely erotic look of excitement in Callie’s lovely eyes, I push the knife deep into her guts.

Callie cried out in pain as I steadily pushed the blade deeper. I knew what she was thinking, how could I do this to her? She'd paid to experience her darkest fantasy, but not to die doing it! I can see it in her eyes that look of betrayal and fear. Suddenly, I sense a change. The look of fear was still there but the look of betrayal had vanished, replaced by an unmistakable look of almost fatalistic acceptance.

Entering just below her sternum, the knife’s sharp steel blade effortlessly carved a path of searing agony as it sliced through her liver, the blade’s torturous advance only halted as reached the vertebrae of her spine. I could see the tears welling up in her lovely eyes, she’d never imagined anything could hurt this bad. She was wrong. Up to this point Callie had managed to avoid screaming, that was until I started to twist the knife in her guts. It turns out, that except for the brain no other part of the body has more nerve endings than the liver.

I’ll admit. This was the part of Callie’s darkest fantasy where I deviated from her script. Instead of simply twisting the knife once before finishing her off, I found the sound of her screams so intoxicating I actually ended up spending several minutes torturing her, each brutal knife twist producing another delightful scream of pure agony. Frankly, it wasn’t until I noticed she was starting to go into shock that I reluctantly decided it was time to finish her off. Tightening my grip on her throat, I cruelly pulled the knife downward, the blade’s sharp tip grating against the vertebrae of her spine as it razor-sharp blade ripped her insides apart as it quickly opened her belly from her sternum to her crotch, brutally disemboweling her in a gruesome explosion of blood and gore.

Weakened by blood loss and on the verge of dying Callie’s knees buckled, and she slumped down to hang from her shackled wrists as the last of her entrails spilled to the floor. Still, she managed to raise her head one final time, our eye’s meeting as her lips silently mouthed, “thank you,” as she died.

Later that night, as I finished putting the remains of Callie’s dismembered corpse into the acid tank, I wondered if she’d known that after she’d paid me half a million to experience her darkest fantasy, her husband, desperate to avoid their pre-nup, paid me another twenty million to turn her darkest fantasy into her darkest nightmare. Still, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the video, even if he never realizes the truth...