Long ago Lucifer, the prince of Hell discovered that only witches posed a serious threat to his rule, that merely casting them out into the searing flames of the abyss wasn’t sufficient to contain their unworldly ambitions. For witches Lucifer reserved a special place in the darkest depths of the pit.

One of these witches was Bridget Bishop, the first women executed in the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Accused of horrendous deeds she was tortured until she confessed, found guilty of witchcraft and hanged on June 10, 1692. Notorious for dressing in provocatively revealing red gowns, Lucifer especially enjoyed planning Bridget’s eternal torment.

Bridget gasped in dismay as her attire slowly transformed once again, the brutally restrictive corset that materialized around her waist almost a welcome change from that vile pony girl harness with its two oversized dildos she’d helplessly endured for the past few years. Still, with every frustratingly shallow breath Bridget managed to take, she could already still feel her breasts starting to ache as the steel rings that pierced her throbbing nipples began to painfully chafe against the unforgiving tightness of her corset. Now, if only these painfully uncomfortable ballet boots, with their 9 inch heels, would finally go out of fashion.

In a darkly diabolical way, Bridget was doomed to spend eternity as an unwillingly slave to earthly fetish fashion, whatever the fetish she had no choice but to helplessly endured it. Sadly Bridget still doesn’t begin to suspect the horrors that await her when snuff porn finally becomes the most popular fetish of the early twenty first century.

Laughing darkly Lucifer hoped Bridget’s ready to enjoy the pain, he was already looking forward to the sound of her screams...