While there are countless pleasures of the flesh, no pleasures are more seductive than the dark ones. And yet, no dark pleasure is more intense than the promise of a slow, obscenely torturous death. Tonight, Michelle has decided to experience her darkest erotic nightmare, a slow, excruciatingly diabolic death at the hands of a sadistic serial killer known as the Ghost, who intends to immortalize Michelles brutally torturous demise in his latest snuff film.

Pouring a glass of wine, I turned to the video camera and recorded the intro monolog to my snuff film, Im eagerly looking forward to the unspeakable things Ghost will do. Ive seen several of his infamous snuff films, the incredible brutality he made those women endure before finally butchering them. Whips, red hot irons, razor-sharp skewers, electrified cattle prods shoved deep into their ass, the flesh peeled from their bodies, nipples, and clitoris burned off with a blow torch, bones and joints shattered with a heavy iron cudgel.

Pausing to take a sip of wine, I continued, When Ghost arrives, hell abduct me, taking me to his blood-stained abattoir, where hell spend the night brutally torturing and obscenely mutilating my body before he kills me.

Pressing my hand firmly against my belly, I concluded, I hope that when Ghost does finish me off, he disembowels me in his delightfully gruesome signature explosion of blood and gore. As a masochistic pain slut, what more could I possibly desire...