It's always the same. I find myself walking down a dimly lit corridor and tremble as I feel the chill of the cool night air against my skin. Then suddenly, without warning, an unseen assailant brutally grabs my hair and drags my head painfully backward. I struggle to turn to see my assailant but he's dressed all in black, and what little of his features visible under his concealing mask seem a blur as my eyes inevitably focus on the gleaming blade of the machete poised to behead me. I try to scream but it's already too late and the razor sharp blade decapitates me before I manage to utter the slightest sound. I stare in horror as my headless body sinks to its knees before collapsing sideways onto the floor as my still beating heart soaks the wall and floor with my blood, so much blood. Then finally, the darkness takes me, once again.

- Kate