The first thing Adam noticed was his girlfriend Karen, provocatively dressed, sitting within a large glass cylinder.

“Good evening Adam, thanks for accepting my invitation. As you can see, I stumbled over your computer’s folder of erotic horror novel manuscripts. I must say you have quite the imagination, so many creatively gruesome ways for your beautiful leading ladies to meet their untimely demise.”

Karen smiled at the look of complete shock on Adam’s face, “I was particularly intrigued by the deathtrap that evil fiend in your latest novel used to dispatch his victims. Based on the description in your manuscript, kind of like the cylinder I’m in right now. In your story, the villain had the choice between flooding the cylinder with water or poison gas.”

Frowning, Karen continued, “While the choices seemed adequate, I’ve decided to provide you with a far more creative range of diabolically fatal options. Rather than just settling on water, I’ve added boiling oil, a selection of acids, and quick lime to your fluid choices. I also noticed that your manuscript never specified the type of poison gas the villain employed, so I’ve provided you with a wide range, chlorine to neurotoxins. I even provided you with the option of evacuating all the air from within this cylinder.”

“Oh, and how careless of me. I almost forgot to mention the final option. You can press the button on the keyboard that unlocks and raises this cylinder and accept me as your submissive masochistic sex slave to use as you desire, no safe words, no limits, and absolutely no expectations of mercy. My only request, if you should ever grow tired of me, bring me back here or to any of the other gruesome deathtraps you so vividly described in your novels, and I will submit to whatever agonizingly unpleasant demise you decide upon.”

Adam said nothing, but Karen felt her heartbeat quicken when he walked over to the control panel, ignoring the button to unlock and raise the cylinder, and silently started examining the options...