Captured attempting to infiltrate Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelley’s secret lair, Danger Girl expected to die in a spray of hot lead. Instead, she awoke to find herself hanging, manacled to a cold steel wall, with an ominously perilous bed of long razor-sharp spikes before her.

A few minutes after she regained consciousness, the door opened and Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelley entered the chamber, “I’m happy to see that you’re finally awake Danger Girl, when you triggered the knockout gas booby trap at the hidden entrance to my lair, my henchmen and I were busy robbing the Gotham City Savings and Loan. After we discovered you unconscious, I personally checked the security camera footage, and it seems you were breathing that gas for almost an hour. Frankly, I’m surprised that you survived, but then again, you are a superheroine and I learned a long time ago that superheroines are harder to kill than cockroaches. To kill a superheroine, one needs to use a truly diabolical deathtrap.”

As Danger Girl watched in horror, Tommy pulled the lever on the small control pedestal activating the terrifying spiked deathtrap. As the spikes started to rise, he casually mentioned, “It will take thirty minutes before you’re fully impaled Danger Girl, more than enough time for the two of us to fully savor your painfully perilous demise. You should know, that thanks to their diabolically creative positioning and their slightly conical shape, the spikes will make your death a slow and agonizingly painful affair. The last superheroine to die within this deathtrap survived for almost forty unspeakably torturous hours before she finally finished bleeding to death. It will be interesting to see if you can manage to break her record.”

Of course, what Danger Girl didn’t know was that before she regained consciousness, Tommy injected her with a large dose of a new blood clotting drug, one that would massively slow her blood loss. In the end, she did set a record, managing to survive for almost forty-eight brutally agonizing hours of unrelenting torture, helplessly impaled upon those diabolic spikes, before she finally finished bleeding to death...