Alex awoke to find herself in this darkly obscene place, filled with piles of human bones, dressed in a skin-tight, revealing blood-red latex merry widow and tightly strapped within a torturously diabolic Iron Maiden. Fighting back her panic, Alex helplessly watched as a hooded figure stepped out of the shadows.

“Alex, you have been found guilty of the charge of witchcraft, a crime that calls for your death. This night, we condemn your soul to the darkest pits of hell and brutally end your mortal existence in the vilest way imaginable, a slow, unspeakably agonizing death within the Iron Maiden. May god have mercy on your soul because his holly inquisition surely has none.”

Watching as the high inquisitor reached up and slowly started to close the Iron Maiden, Alex cursed him, “May my soul, and those of all the women you’ve tortured to death in this unspeakable place of horror, haunt you and your descendants for all time.”

Smiling as he closed the Iron Maiden’s door, “Nice try, Alex, but the Pope and every Pope since the fifteen hundreds has sanctified this place, this terrifying crypt of horror. Here only God rules, and your darkest, vile curses are of no consequence.”

The door of the Iron Maiden locked closed to the sound of Alex’s desperate high-pitched screams, “May you die in eternal unrelenting agony, witch.”

Alex survived for almost three full days within the spike-lined confines of the Iron Maiden before she finally expired. The next morning, inquisition initiates removed her body from the Iron Maiden, stripping her naked and, in time-honored tradition, using her lifeless body to sate all their darkest sexual desires. Then her sexually violated corpse, discarded upon one of the crypt’s piles of human bones, her flesh destined to be consumed by the crypt’s ravenous carrion beetles, leaving nothing but her bones to mark her passing...

Exodus 22:18, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”