Captured by Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelley, the Crimson Crusader expected to die in a spray of bullets, instead she found herself chained within a massive glass tank with Tommy standing outside ominously near the valve that would flood the tank.

“I find it hard to believe that Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelley, a criminal mastermind known for gunning down his enemies in a hail of hot lead would simply drown a captured superheroine. I’ll admit while diabolically effective this does seem just a little impersonal to me.”

Laughing at Crimson’s pathetic attempt at humor, “Dearest Crimson, I learned the hard way that women are harder to kill then cockroaches, especially when they’re a superheroine. I also look forward to seeing just how long you can hold your breath once the water rises over your head. Because, the longer you manage to survive, the more the snuff video of your death will be worth after it premieres at this year’s Gotham League of Villain’s Halloween Party. As for you, your head is going to make an excellent addition to my collection.”

Tommy smiled at the look of horror on Crimson’s lovely face as he opened the value allowing to the ice-cold water the surge into the tank. In the end Crimson didn’t disappoint, struggling against the inevitable, she managed to hold her breath for an amazing twenty minutes. Even then, it still took another seven before she finally died...