Eve knew all the rumors of monstrous creatures roaming the darkest depths of this vast ancient forest, and yet, every night with a full moon, she ventured deep into these woods wearing nothing but lingerie.

I was just beyond the gate in that ancient stone wall that marks the forest’s edge when I heard a faint sound in the darkness, the sound of a twig snapping. Then, staring into the darkness, I sensed movement. A moment later, with a deep, terrifying growl, a monstrous creature came rushing out of the trees, running toward me on all fours.

Turning, I ran toward the gate, but the creature was already upon me, landing on my back and driving to the ground. I could feel the creature’s razor-sharp claws digging painfully into my back as it quickly used them to rip what little I was wearing from my body.

Helplessly pinned to the ground by the creature’s weight, I felt it stretching my legs apart, and a moment later, the massive, bulging head of its cock slipped between the outer folds of my sex. Then, with a terrifying howl, it savagely took me, filling my insides in a single savage thrust. The pain was incredible. It felt like his massive, intimidating cock was threatening to rip my insides apart with every overpowering thrust.

As his brutally painful assault continued, I found myself growing aroused, my mind able to convert just enough of the pain I was helplessly enduring into masochistic pleasure, letting me reach orgasm. I managed to climax six more times before his assault grew even more demanding, the sudden increase in pain sending me over the edge, and I climaxed as I felt him cumming deep inside me in what I thought was going to be the most powerful orgasm of my life. His hot, almost flesh-searing cum filled my uterus and spilled out around the sides of his cock to heavily coat the insides of my thighs. Even as his cock slipped out of me, he still sprayed streams of hot cum across my buttocks and lower back.

I thought he’d sated all his monstrous sexual desires, but as I finally started to catch my breath, I discovered how wrong that assumption was, as I felt the bulging, still rock-hard tip of the creature’s cock pressing steadily deeper into my anus. While he’d been raping me, I’d sensed that even with him stretching my insides to their limit, I still wasn’t able to take all of his cock. Turns out I wasn’t even taking half.

Pausing, with the massive head of his cock just beyond the tight, straining muscles of my anus, he shifted his hips and then, with a single savagely powerful thrust, drove the thick shaft of his cock through my rectum and deep into the depths of my colon as he buried his cock, balls deep, within my ass. With only the lingering traces of my arousal and his cum for lubrication, he viciously continued to relentlessly pound his cock deep into my agony-enflamed guts. And yet, my mind betrays me once again as I find myself having my first anal orgasm of the night.

Utterly exhausted by the time he finally orgasmed deep within my guts, I’d lost count of how many times I’d climaxed. A wave of agonizing, gut-churning cramps and the sickening sensation of bloating hit me as his cock continued to pump massive amounts of cum directly into my colon until, after several unpleasantly painful minutes, I finally felt his erection starting to fade.

I could feel the heat and pressure of his body already fading, his cock slipping out of my ass as he rolled off to lie on the ground next to me. Lifting my head, I turned toward him, the monstrous creature, the werewolf who’d so brutally violated my body, slowly changing back into its familiar human form as the sun slowly rose above the mountains. Lying there next to him, I smiled as I felt the pain of my injuries starting to fade, as the venom secreted by his claws quickly healed my injuries.

My smile slowly faded as I remembered those final moments, his razor-sharp claws tightening around my throat, “At the end, just as you came deep inside my tight little ass, I thought your claws were going to rip my throat out. Marcus, I doubt I would have survived that, even with your magical healing venom coursing through my veins.”

Marcus frowned, “Sorry about that, but the overpowering smell of blood and sex threatened to bring out my inner beast, and I barely managed to maintain control.”

Glancing down at his blood-coated cock and thighs, I continued, “Oh, and about all that blood. That seriously hurt, so the next time you plan to brutalize my guts, warn me so I can make sure to use lubricant beforehand.”

Sitting up, I ran my hands across my noticeably distended abdomen, “Well, these cramps are starting to get to me, so it’s time to find a secluded spot in the bushes to expel this massive werewolf sperm enema you so delightfully filled me with before getting dressed and returning to town.

Then, pausing, I tenderly kissed Marcus and asked, “So, same time next full moon?”

Smiling, Marcus replied, “Seriously, was that a trick question? Of course, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Grinning, I responded, “Good. I’m already looking forward to our next monstrous night together.”

Opening the gate, after going behind the bushes and expelling what felt like several gallons of werewolf sperm, I picked up the daypack I left leaning against that ancient stone wall and started getting dressed for my drive back to town. As I dressed, I dwelled upon Marcus’s admission that his inner beast almost gained control and, more disturbingly, why the thought of being torn apart, dying in agony on his claws and fangs, sounded so darkly erotic...