Intellectually Carmen always knew this day would arrive.

Personally selected by one of the wealthiest men in South America she’d lived a life of pampered indulgence, in public as his personal assistant, in private as his submissive concubine. But, it didn’t take long before Carmen discovered that Antonio’s vast wealth didn’t derive from his vineyards but came from his illegal drug trade and that she’d learned far too much about his drug operations for Antonio to risk letting her fall into the hands of his competitors or the police.

This morning, before leaving to oversee the cocaine harvest, Antonio told Carmen of his partners growing concerns over her extensive knowledge of their drug cartel’s activities. Carmen could see the sadness in Antonio’s eyes as he went on to explain that she had to die but because of their shared love, he’d allow her to choose how she died.

Arrive back at their villa that evening he’d found a note, “I’ve made my choice, I’ll be waiting for you in the dungeon, Carmen.”

Carmen smiled as her lover entered the dungeon, “Good evening Antonio, I’ve made my choice. I chose the Iron Maiden.”

Trying to hide his considerable surprise as he drank in Carmen’s beauty, “The Iron Maiden, are you sure this is truly what you desire?”

Antonio could hear the masochistic excitement in Carmen’s voice, “Yes, I want to die within the Maiden. I’ve been secretly fascinated by death in the Maiden ever since you used it to kill that undercover DEA agent two years ago. As I recall didn’t it take her over 26 hours to die?”

Carmen could detect the sudden lustful eagerness in Antonio’s voice, “Actually, I believe Magda, if that was her real name, set a new record for the Iron Maiden lasting almost 28 hours before she died. We’re still selling DVD’s of her execution through several of our underground European snuff sites.”

Smiling seductively Carmen replied, “Good, I didn’t spend all day doing my hair, nails and makeup, not to mention squeezing into the tightest corset I own, just to end up dying a quick easy death. I love you too much for that.”

In the end, Carmen even managed to set a new Maiden record, surviving just over 32 agonizing hours before she died. The DVD will be available later this month...