Gwen awoke to find herself in a large and dimly lit chamber, naked and obscenely suspended from painfully hot iron cuffs that tightly encircled her wrists and ankles. The smoke and intense heat seared her sinuses with every breath she took. Gwen’s considerable fear quickly turning into terror as her eyes, adjusting to the chamber’s dimness, started to take in the horrifying details of her surroundings. Scattered across the chamber’s blood-spattered floor and piled high along its metal walls, countless human bones.

It was in that fateful moment that she noticed someone standing silently watching her, someone who’s clown makeup caused her an ‘Oh Fuck’ moment, as she helplessly watched him masturbating as he walked toward her. “Good evening Gwen, and welcome to the start of your eternal damnation. I know. This wasn’t what you were expecting but this is Hell, your rightful place for all of eternity. You thought you could fuck your way to riches but here in Hell, there’s a price to pay for every married man or woman you seduced along the way. Normally, my Master Lucifer would have merely consigned an adulteress like you to an eternity of unimaginable suffering within one of the Hell’s countless Iron Maidens, but he long ago vowed to give me the special ones to play with first. The ones who willingly prostituted themselves, who committed their eternally unforgivable sins merely out of a sense of avarice, and by doing so, made themselves worthy of my demonic attentions.”

Pausing to let his demonic looking eyes roam lustfully over Gwen’s shapely nude form, Stan continued, “I’m sorry, where were my manners, I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Stan. In the late 1800’s I was a vaudeville clown with a traveling European circus. During my twenty-year career, I raped and tortured to death over twelve hundred prostitutes before finally being caught and executed me for my crimes.”

Gwen watched Stan continuing to obscenely masturbate, his inhumanly oversized erection growing larger with each passing moment, “Ironically, while I expected my soul to be consigned to the fiery pits of Hell, I never imaged Lucifer himself would offer me an alternative. I guess you might say that even the Lord of Hell, has a fondness when it comes to the eternal damnation of serial killers.”

Realizing that Gwen’s lack of objections had mostly to do with the oversized penis gag strapped deep within her sensuous mouth, Stan smiled at the sight of Gwen’s sexy nude body helplessly displayed for his cruel intentions, “I know, I know, you’re thinking this might be love at first sight, but sadly this isn’t. This is Hell. In this place, we’ll soon discover all the things that make you whimper, all the things that make you scream. So Gwen, shall we begin?”