“An expensive and highly sought-after London escort, I’d been hired to ‘entertain’ a select group of extremely wealthy London financiers during the ‘closing ceremony’ of their annual retreat. Oddly, they never mentioned that their closing ceremony involved a demonic human sacrifice.”

“Blindfolded, they’d led me down into this ancient subterranean chamber and secured me helplessly within this horrifyingly gruesome Iron Maiden before their leader explained that they were originally a thirteenth-century coven of immortal warlocks. In exchange for their yearly human sacrifice, the Devil grants them wealth and power, the amount of wealth and power proportional to the intensity of their sacrifice’s suffering as she died. After a century or so of torturous experimentation, they settled upon the Iron Maiden, using it to ensure their victims endure a slow and unspeakably agonizing death, suffering in unrelenting agony for over 48 hours before they died.”

“As it turns out tonight’s sacrifice would be truly memorable, their six hundred and sixty sixth sacrifice. It’s a shame really. If I’d known, I might even have waved my paltry 20,000 pound sterling fee. Brutally dying within the tortuously agonizing confines of an Iron Maiden has long been one of my darkest masochistic fantasies...”