With a darkly fatalistic look of almost eager anticipation on her face, Susan looked into the camera.

“I came to this terrifyingly brutal place, the same place that inspired all those horrific Hostel movies to fulfill my darkest erotic nightmare of charnel lust. Tonight, with the help of the professional executioner standing behind me, I’ll endure an obscenely gruesome and agonizing death simply for your perverted amusement.”

Pressing my hand against my belly, I continued, “In a moment, I’ll turn to face my executioner. Without hesitation, he’ll stab the razor-sharp blade of his machete deep into my upper belly until he feels its tip scraping against the vertebrae of my spine. Then, looking into my eyes, he’ll slowly twist the blade to maximize my suffering until the moment he sees that first tear trickle down my cheek.”

Carefully lowering my arms, I submissively cross my wrists behind my back, “That first tear is his signal to pull that razor-sharp blade savagely downward through my guts. Its razor-sharp edge brutally cutting through my entrails as it opens my belly, from the underside of my sternum to the front arch of my pelvis, in what promises to be a delightfully gruesome explosion of blood and gore.”

Staring at that camera, I felt a sudden, unexpected sensation of calmness wash over me.

A faint smile of darkly erotic anticipation slowly appeared on my face, “They tell me that if I manage to hold still during my disembowelment, the razor-sharp blade of that machete should miss all the major arteries within my abdomen. If that happens, it should take me about thirty excruciatingly painful minutes to finish bleeding to death. So, wish me luck.”

With that, Susan turned to face her executioner’s machete.

Eight painful minutes later, Susan sank to her knees as her mutilated guts delightfully started to spill across the abattoir’s floor. She lasted forty-three obscenely agonizing minutes on her knees before finally losing consciousness and collapsing onto her side. She finished bleeding to death four minutes later.

The following morning, her executioner removed Susan’s bleached bones from the acid tank and added them to the ones already decorating the abattoir’s floor. Her mortal existence reduced to little more than scattered bones...