Artistic inspiration comes in many diverse forms. For some the images of 1940's cheesecake style pinups, for others it's the 1950's sci-fi monsters from space B movies, but for some of us it's always been images of the macabre.

Perhaps, if I hadn't spent so much of my childhood watching those 60's and 70's horror films, the images I produce wouldn't be quite so sinister. But perhaps the most lasting change occurred when I discovered the artwork of Charles Addams. An illustrator most remembered as the inspiration behind the "Addams Family", his actual works appeared in "The New Yorker" and "Collier's" magazines during the 30's and 40's. Even to this day, one of my most cherished books is a 1939 collection of his drawing entitled "Drawn and Quartered".

The image above, while not an exact reproduction of the image found in "Drawn and Quartered", was inspired by it. I've often wondered, if he was alive today, what he would be able to create with the graphic tools and resources we routinely use today?