The information hadn't come cheap but finally in Hong Kong Kate at long last had found her first solid lead on the elusive DeCavelle Investments Group. Her informant, a Chinese industrialist with a serious girls and gambling problem, had for two million dollars US, sold Kate copies of the customs paperwork that accompanied the half-dozen DeCavelle Investment's Buzz Saws he'd purchased for his Thailand lumber mill earlier that year. The shipping invoices didn't list a company name only a street address, a street address in Bogota Columbia.

Fourteen grueling hours later, as an exhausted Kate finally checked into her hotel room in Bogota, all she could think about was changing into her swimsuit and spending some well-deserved down time relaxing by the hotel pool. Having already decided that following up her lead could wait until the next morning Kate quickly changed into her swimsuit and headed down to the pool. She'd almost reached the elevator when she felt a sudden stabbing pain in the back of her right thigh. Glancing down Kate had just enough time to recognize the tranquilizer dart sticking out of her leg before she collapsed unconscious to the carpeted hallway floor.

Kate knew she was in serious trouble the moment she awoke from the effects of the tranquilizer. She found herself on her back, her body helplessly locked in a spread-eagle position by unyielding steel restraints, her eyes blindfolded and her mouth filled by an uncomfortably oversized ball gag. And while they'd left her the dignity of not already stripping Kate of her rather revealing swimsuit deep down she knew if they intended to rape her, her swimsuit would only delay her assailants for the briefest of moments. Kate was still struggling to come to terms with her perilous situation when she suddenly heard a heavily accented man's voice.

"Gentlemen, I see that our lovely guest Senorita Kate has finally awoken from her unexpected nap."

Kate heard the momentary laughter of several male voices before the man speaking continued.

"As most of you are aware, Kate first became aware of our operations several years ago when she was auditing the books at a company called "Cross Cut Lumber, Ltd." It seems they'd purchased one of our custom buzz saws and had been turning a rather nice off the books profit before Kate discovered some unfortunate irregularities in their books." Smiling as he watched Kate struggling in a futile attempt to escape her restraints he continued, "When those bumbling fools finally discovered that the lovely Kate was onto them they couldn't even manage to snuff this one insignificant young woman but not to worry they won't betray us, those bungling fools didn't last a week in prison before they suffered an untimely and rather brutal demise."

Kate felt a sudden terrifying sense of dark foreboding as she listened to the unseen man's voice. She'd inadvertently fallen into the hands of the DeCavelle Investments Group. These maniacs didn't just didn't plan to violate her they fully intended to kill her!

Smiling as he watched Kate's struggles becoming ever so more desperate her host continued, "As you are all well aware our lovely Senorita Kate has spent the last few years attempting to find us. She seems to believe that we here at DeCavelle Investments were some kind of evil cartel bent upon world domination or at least control of the insidious international buzz saw market."

Pausing to laugh evilly he continued, "But as we all know control of the buzz saw market is merely an amusing distraction from our ultimate goal of world economic domination, a goal that is finally at long last within our grasp! Of course, we really should deal with Kate before we move on to world domination."

As for Kate, she wasn't listening to what her host was saying, her entire focus was on the sound of the DeCavelle Investments Group Buzz Saw spinning up between her thighs…