I can still remember the last thing Shannon asked just before she climbed into the tank, “Once I'm inside and you bolt this door closed, you’re just going to shoot some video, right?” Shannon paused and I could see the look of almost erotic, eager anticipation in her lovely blue eyes, “You’re not really going to fill this tank all the way to the top with water with me inside, are you?”

Smiling as I securely locked Shannon’s wrists behind her back with the handcuffs before helping her up into the tank, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you actually drown.” Pushing the oversized white ball gag into Shannon’s mouth, “Just remember this is supposed to be a torture porn peril video so struggle as the water rises and remember to act terrified.”

Shannon watched intently as I closed the tank’s heavy glass door and secured its locking bolts. Stepping behind the tank I pushed the end of the hose into the tank’s water intake before walking back around front to switch on the video cameras.

I gave Shannon ten utterly erotic minutes to struggle to escape her diabolical fate before I turned on the water. Her steady gag enhanced drool slowly soaking the thin white cloth of her bikini top to reveal her rock hard nipples while down below the wetness of her obvious sexual arousal completely soaked the crotch of her bikini bottoms before it was time to take her peril to the next level.

The delightful sound of Shannon’s shocked scream echoed off the old metal walls of the abandoned farm building where I’ve been producing that last few of my videos as the cold water started to pour down onto the smooth white skin of Shannon’s shoulder. Sharron was screaming because I’d failed to mention that the water filling the tank came from an old rainwater collection cistern buried beneath the building’s concrete floor, and when I’d checked it that morning the water’s temperature was about 61 degrees.

It took about 20 minutes for the water to rise to point where Shannon needed to push herself higher within the tank to keep her nose and mouth above the rising water. From there it only took another 5 minutes until the tank was full and water started to pour from the tank’s water intake and splash across the building’s concrete floor.

It was only then, at the very end, that Shannon finally realized the terrifying truth. I watched as she sank back down, her blonde hair floating around her lovely face, the look of unimagined horror and betrayal in her eyes as Shannon finally realized that she wasn’t starring in a perilous torture porn video but in an actual snuff film.

I kept the cameras running for another ten minutes after I was sure Shannon had finally drowned. My audience likes to see the dead bodies and besides I always need the extra footage for the closing credits...

Perilous Thoughts, putting the glamor back into the darkest depths of the pit one render at a time...