The first thing Lisa noticed as she slowly regained consciousness was that stench, that distinctive smell of death, of freshly spilled blood mixed with the sickening scent of urine and shit. Opening her eyes Lisa’s mind recoiled in horror at the sight revealed before her, she was dangling by her wrists in the midst of some sickly sadistic serial killer’s personal abattoir. The entire floor was slick with blood. Against one wall stood a row of white five gallon plastic buckets filled to overflowing with entrails. Behind her an industrial meat grinder and a large walk-in freezer, it’s frosted glass door revealing shelves stacked with white freezer paper wrapped packages. And everywhere, piles of bones, some scattered across the floor, others in huge piles, piles of bloody human bones.

With a sudden terrifying sense of foreboding Lisa realized who owned this chamber of horrors, a fiendish serial killer known only as the Bone Collector. In a killing spree that stretched back over more than twenty blood-soaked years, the Bone Collector is suspected in the murders of over four hundred women. Once or twice a year, at seemingly random intervals, he’d strike, in a single night always abducting a dozen young women. Then, a few days later, at prominent public locations scattered randomly across the city a dozen trash bags would appear, each bag filled with a woman’s entrails.

Suddenly Lisa head the sound of footsteps behind her as the Bone Collector stepped out of the darkness. He’d been there the whole time, watching as her terror grew. Lisa stared at his approaching reflection in the mirror, watching his eyes starting back into hers. Lisa suddenly understood, to him she wasn’t human. To him she was nothing more… nothing more than meat.

Pausing to position an empty blood-spattered bucket directly in front of his latest victim’s feet he grabbed her tightly by her throat to steady her as he carefully positioned the blade of his knife against the underside of her sternum. He smiled at the intense look of terrified desperation in her eyes as the blade's razor-sharp tip slowly dimpled the smooth unblemished skin of her abdomen. That sudden high-pitched scream, a scream that even that oversized penis gag stuffed in her mouth couldn’t fully silence, as he plunged the knife deep into her guts and in one smooth motion opened her belly from her sternum to her crotch.

Lisa could feel a sudden coldness enveloping her as she helplessly watched her own intestines spilling into the waiting bucket. She knew she was going into shock… that she was dying. Lisa’s final thoughts as the darkness claimed her, so much blood… so much pain…

Waiting, until his victim’s lovely eyes lost their focus, her killer carefully finished eviscerating her body. Pausing too carefully set aside her liver, kidneys and heart for later processing he moved her carcass into the meat cooler where it joined the eight already hanging there. Just three more to process and then, in the morning after they’ve cooled, he’d carve them up into steaks, roasts, chops and grind the leftovers for burgers, prime cuts of tender girl meat that easily sold for over a thousand dollars a pound to his exclusive and discriminatingly cannibalistic cliental.