Tiffany was terrified. The noose around her throat had finally drawn tight enough to completely cut off her breathing. Her chest burned with a desperate need to draw her next breath. The room around her was steadily growing darker as the prolonged lack of oxygen began to affect her vision. And well on her way to her fourth incredible orgasm of the evening, all that mattered to Tiffany was reaching her next orgasm before her client came deep inside her.

Tiffany discovered the delights of erotic asphyxiation quite by accident. In the midst of sharing some mutual oral pleasures with one of her boyfriends they'd accidentally rolled off the couch. Landing on her back on the floor, with her boyfriend on top, the impact drove the head of his cock past her tonsils and deep into her throat. Already desperately short of breath she was about to push him off when she felt his tongue against her clit. The orgasm that hit her seconds later was the most intense of her life.

It wasn't long before Tiffany discovered that there were quite a few men who enjoyed playing breath control games, wealthy men willing to pay handsomely for a beautiful and thoroughly willing partner to play with. Tiffany charged fifteen hundred an hour for her services.

Tonight she was with a new client, a man introduced to her by one of her steady customers. The sight of that gallows in his basement playroom sent a shiver of darkly erotic anticipation coursing through Tiffany's kinky mind. She could feel herself growing helplessly aroused as he tenderly removed her dress and handcuffed her wrists before leading her up the gallows steps. Wearing nothing but her heels Tiffany could feel the heat of desire growing in her belly as he positioned her upon the platform's trapdoor and tightened the noose around her vulnerable throat. She'd almost fainted after he stripped off everything but his boots and put on that executioner's hood.

Seeing his already erect cock Tiffany leaned as far forward and the noose would allow and spread her legs in erotic anticipation. Seconds later he was inside her, one strong hand holding her crotch tightly back against him, his other on the rope above her head pulling back on the rope until he forced Tiffany's back to arch.

The rope was just starting to restrict Tiffany's breath when the trapdoor beneath her heels opened and she found herself suspended between the noose around her throat and her client's impressive cock. In that moment of submissive erotic bliss, with her first orgasm of the evening rapidly building, Tiffany knew that she should be the one paying him.

A hedonistic smile of utter sexual pleasure spread across Tiffany's oxygen starved features as her fourth orgasm peaked just moments before she felt her client climax inside her. She was still considering if she should offer this guy a discount on future sessions when she suddenly felt herself falling.

The instant the rope snapped taunt Tiffany knew the fall hadn't been long enough to snap her neck. Tiffany found herself dangling from the noose, the gallows platform just level with her crotch as she kicked her long legs in a desperate attempt to escape her fate. It had taken only one look into the cold eyes of her client to realize there wouldn't be any future sessions with this guy. That he intended to watch her die.

Fifteen minutes later they both got their wish.