Bad things, this is what happens when a beautiful young woman discovers the lair of the world’s most sadistic serial killer...

Seeing the startled look of surprise on his face, Janice smile seductively as she said, “So, this is where you film all those deliciously diabolical snuff films. Oh, and don’t worry, no one else knows about this place, although I’d suggest you upgrade the firmware in your pirate website’s firewall. This will just be our little secret.”

Seeing the sudden look of weary confusion on his face, Janice’s smile darkened as she continued, “Not to worry, I have no interest in trying to blackmail you. I’m just interested in your services. I just want to be your next snuff film victim.”

Janice almost laughed at the look of shock on his face as she continued, “Of course, I do have a few conditions before I let you snuff me. I’m not really into mutilation, no gauging out my eyes, cutting off my ears and nose or ripping out my tongue. Oh, and let’s skip turning my breasts into mutilated pin cushions or that whole burning off my nipples with that blowtorch thing you often do.”

Smiling at the sudden look of deadly understanding, Janice didn’t bother to hide the tone of eager anticipation in her voice as she mentioned, “Personally, I was thinking of something a little more erotic before it’s time to gut me with that hunting knife you always seem to use. First, I want everyone who sees this to know that I went to my bloody demise willingly, so film the part where you to lock my wrists into these manacles. Also, unlike your usual victims I’d like to keep my clothing on until I’m dead.”

Giving him a knowing smile Janice continued, “After that, go ahead and like all your other victims, use my dead body for your pleasure. So, once you’ve raised this frame high enough that my toes can’t reach the floor, position that vibrator firmly up against my clit and switch it on. Only, use its lowest setting, I want time to enjoy your hands exploring every intimate curve of my body before I reach orgasm.”

Pausing briefly to glance back at the razor sharp hunting knife lying on the table before continuing Janice stated, “And, when I climax I want you to stab that blade deep into my guts starting near my hip just below where my corset overlaps with bone and then following the lower edge of the corset saw that blade across my belly disemboweling me.”

Her most seductive smile once again on her face Janice concluded, “I’ve already taken the liberty of switching on the cameras so why don’t you put on your world-famous mask and simply say, Action...”