From the first, Marcus had been totally seductive, dominating and devastatingly handsome, everything Christina ever sought in a lover. Still, she suspected he harbored delightfully dark secrets, secrets both mysterious and profoundly dangerous. Tonight, on the anniversary of their first date, Christina was determined to discover all the secrets her lover so desperately sought to hide.

Going downstairs Christina quickly located the hidden entrance. It was just as he’d described a featureless steel panel next to a wall-mounted keypad. Pausing to steady my nerves, I took a deep calming breath before entering the eight-digit code, the status light flashing green as the door slowly started to open with a soft pneumatic hiss.

I felt my heartbeat quicken as I passed through the chamber’s entrance, the dull thump as the heavy soundproof door as it closed behind me. At first, the chamber was almost completely dark but once the entrance closed the lights gradually grew brighter until the chamber stood fully revealed. The chamber was a cold almost sterile place. The floor beneath my heels appeared to be polished concrete, the walls and ceiling lined with textured steel panels. Mounted along the wall by the entrance, several locked steel storage cabinets and below, what looked like medical equipment tables. However, it was something else the kept drawing my attention, bolted to the wall across the chamber, a metal plank with two enticingly open wrist restraints.

Staring up at those open restraints, I felt a delightfully terrifying sense of darkly erotic anticipation as I thought of what would happen after those restraints locked closed around my wrists. Our past year together had been an incredibly erotic and submissively masochistic adventure, nights of unbridled pleasure and pain, of enduring agonizing ecstasy that exceeded even my darkest desires. Instinctively, I knew this place to be a darker, far more sinister place than anything I’d willingly endured within Marcus’s bedroom. I could still feel my heartbeat racing as I leaned back against the wall’s cool steel surface and reaching up placed my wrists within the ominously open restraints, the tight-fitting steel cuffs instantly snapping closed to secure my wrists to the wall.

Committed, I felt that delightfully all-consuming fire of almost overwhelming sexual arousal burning deep within my belly, as Marcus entered the chamber. He paused, waiting as the heavy steel door closed behind him before coming to me. Without saying a word, he kissed me, our tongues sensuously intertwining, as he roughly pushed me back against the cold steel wall. His delightfully demanding kiss lingered on, promising so much more, as I felt his hands sliding downward across the small of my back, confidently pulling my hips slightly away from the wall as his questing fingertips found the zipper of my skirt. His skillful tongue becoming even more demanding, pressing deeper into my mouth as my skirt slipped sensuously down off my hips to pool around my high heels. I felt a delightful chill of pure terror coursing through me as our lips parted, and I instinctively recognized that look of predatory lust in his cold dark eyes.

Smiling seductively I slid my right thigh sensuously up along the side of his muscular body as I casually mentioned, “From that first moment, when I saw your eyes, I've known who you were. The eyes never truly lie, do they Ghost? Perhaps it’s finally time for you to switch on the cameras, put on that infamous metal mask and do me.”

Smiling back as his hand slipped around to grip my right thigh, “Actually Christina the access code I gave you also activated the room’s cameras as you entered. As for my infamous metal mask, there’s really no need since I never use any of the women I truly love in my extremely popular and profitable snuff film productions.”

A faint cry of pain escaped Christina’s sensuous lips as he felt her body stiffen in his arms, the tip of his knife’s razor-sharp blade grating against the vertebrae of her spine as he slowly twisted the blade deep within her belly, “Of course, your gruesome death is going to make an excellent addition to my extensive private collection.”

Sensing Christina struggling to say something, and not wishing to ruin the moment, he brutally pulled the knife downward. The razor-sharp blade mutilating her internal organs as it effortlessly cut her open from the underside of her sternum all the way down to her crotch in a massive and obscenely delightful explosion of blood and gore. Out of respect, he’d wait until after Christina finished dying before harvesting her impressive breast implants for his collection...