Entering the dark outer reaches of the star system the radio receivers aboard the interstellar patrol ships picked up a faint automated distress beacon emanating from a small moon in orbit around the system's eighth planet. Changing course the ships turned to accelerate toward the distant source of the beacon.

Seventy three hours later as the ships of the interstellar patrol prepared to enter orbit above the site of the distress beacon, an alien spaceship of unknown design climbed from the moon's clouded atmosphere and quickly jumped into hyperspace before the patrol ship's could react. With the mysterious alien spaceship having escaped, the patrol commander dispatched a cruiser and two destroyers down to the planet to investigate while keeping the bulk of his flotilla riding at battle stations in high orbit.

Descending through the small moon's dense and poisonous atmosphere, the three interstellar patrol ships closed on the source of the distress beacon, a small and ominously quiet research facility.

Maneuvering close to the station's single landing platform the destroyer Fearless deployed a company of her space suited assault marines. Spreading out across the landing platform the marines quickly discovered they were not alone as two alien's emerged from behind a stack of shipping crated and began firing deadly pulses of high energy lasers at the marines. But, even with surprise on their side, the human return fire quickly cut down both of the charging aliens.

Securing the landing pad, the marines moved cautiously forward into the station. But even they were unprepared for the sight awaiting them. Clearing the station airlock, they stepped straight into the darkest reaches of hell. There was blood everywhere and the mutilated and dismembered corpses of the station's human inhabitants littered the station's corridors.

With the station secured the flotilla commander dispatched an investigative team to the surface but what they found only helped to deepen the mystery. The station's computers showed a complement of 132 people aboard the station at the time of the attack, but the forensic teams could only identify the remains of 58 humans and even more ominously all the identified bodies were male, and all of the missing, female.

Over time the mystery of Arcas Station only deepened. No one ever learned the origins of the mysterious aliens who attached the station. And, as to the fate of the missing women of Arcas Station, no one knows to this day.