Claudia recently wrote, “What about something with creatures? Some sort of Plexiglas display cabinet to contain your starlet and ants or spiders? This is something that I have fantasized about. Like machines, you just cannot reason with them. They would be relentless!”

Trembling in terror, Claudia struggles to keep that metal bit clinched tightly between her teeth. The sweet candy taste of the metal bit came as an unwelcome surprise, making the bit slippery as the candy coating melts filling her mouth with saliva. What Claudia doesn’t realize is that the real surprise is yet to come. That concealed beneath the bit’s quickly dissolving candy coating, lays a diabolical layer of powerful mouth searing habanero pepper paste. And while she doesn’t know it, it’s merely a matter of moments before that bit slips from her grasp. The sudden loss of tension in the rope allowing the heavy weight suspended perilously from the activation lever to release the trapdoor from beneath her heels, plunging her screaming into the deadly spider filled tank below.

Indigenous to the Australian Outback, and known for its size and astonishing speed, the Giant Huntsman Spider runs after or ambushes its prey, paralyzing with venom before rending the prey’s flesh with its long incredibly sharp fangs. A distance cousin of the Giant Huntsman Spider, the massive spiders in the tank below Claudia have been genetically enhanced to increase their already aggressive behavior driving them to viciously attack unwary humans. They’re more than capable of reducing Claudia’s tightly bound body to nothing but a pile of bones in just a few short, almost unimaginably agonizing, hours.

Perhaps, someone should have cautioned Claudia about sharing her fantasies, before it was too late...