The Doctor is a popular sensation on the dark web. He enjoys eviscerating his victim’s alive, cutting them open and carefully removing their internal organs, while keeping them conscious until the gruesome bloody finale where he removes his victim’s still beating heart. And, of course, the Doctor always does his fiendishly diabolical work without the bothersome need for anesthesia.

Walking into the Doctor’s private abattoir, Charlie sounded slightly confused, “Just as I’d imagined it from your videos, this cold steel room, that horrifying steel table, with all these sharp-looking medical instruments and blood-stained plastic buckets. However, I didn’t expect to see two glasses and a bottle of wine on the table.

Smiling beneath his face concealing medical mask, the serial killer known as the Doctor, replied, “The wine, which, by the way, is very good, is because you’re one of me longtime fans, not just another victim.”

A smiled appearing on her face, Charlie casually asked, “So, after we finish the wine?”

“Then Charlie, you’re fated to become just another victim.”

An evil grin appearing on her face as the Doctor handed her a glass of wine, “I was hoping you’d say that...”