Holding the torch, the Baron’s high executioner darkly smiled beneath his face concealing hood at the look of unimaginable terror in Baroness Natasha’s tear-filled eyes.

“So Baroness, or should I say, former Baroness, Did you think you could commit adultery with your chauffeur without your husband, the Baron discovering the truth?”

Strapped tightly within the horrifying Iron Maiden, Natasha responded, “How dare you! The Baron will never get away with this. I’m the King’s niece, and when he learns that my husband had me obscenely tortured to death, he’ll demand the Baron’s head for this outrage.”

Laughing at Baroness Natasha’s naivete, “Foolish woman, officially, for your crimes, the Baron has exiled you from his domain, ordering you, upon penalty of imprisonment, to vacate his realm by first light tomorrow. The Baron and I are the only people to know of your true fate. This chamber is deep within the ancient catacombs beneath the Baron’s castle. Once I close this Iron Maiden’s spike-lined door, I will seal the entrance to this chamber, entombing you and your castrated chauffeur’s corpse for all time.”

Pausing to ominously rest his hand upon the Iron Maiden’s open door as Natasha’s tears slowly started to run down her lovely face, “My only regret. I will miss the delightful sound of your desperate screams as you spend the next several days slowly bleeding to death in unrelenting agony for your crimes.”

A look of grim satisfaction appeared on the executioner’s hood-concealed face as Baroness Natasha’s first high-pitched screams of agony echoed off the chamber’s ancient walls. The Iron Maiden’s razor-sharp spikes brutally piercing her eyes and body as he pushed its heavy door firmly closed until it locked.

Hours later, as he cemented the final stone into place, sealing the chamber’s entrance for all eternity, the Baron’s high executioner, listening to the Baroness Natasha’s screams, had to admire the Baron’s diabolically cruel attention to detail.