Susan smiled at the sudden look of surprise in Johnís face, ďI know this isnít what you were expecting when I invited you over tonight but Iíve known your secret for some time now. Since weíve been dating I've experienced your enthusiasm for bondage sex, in fact I rather enjoy being bound and fucked hard, but admit it John, thatís not all youíd really like to do to me is it? And donít bother to try lying to me Iíve seen all those images youíve kept hidden on your laptop.Ē

Seeing the startled look of shock in Johnís eyes Susan continued, ďIíll admit I was getting more than a little turned on by your interest in snuff porn. Of course, that was before I recognized one of the victims from a missing persons article I read last year. So I decided to do a little research and do you know what I discovered, every one of those women you have pictures of hidden on your computer mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.Ē

Pausing to offer John a glass of wine, ďOne of the things I remember from my college class on criminal psychology is there are two distinct kinds of serial killers. First, the stupid ones who want their 15 minutes of fame, they keep taking bigger and bigger risks until their finally caught. And the other, infinitely more dangerous kind of serial killer, the smart, highly intelligent ones whose victims simply disappear, the kind of serial killer who is rarely if ever arrested.Ē

Pausing to take a sip of wine, Susan smiled seductively as she asked, ďSo John after you tie me up and finish fucking me senseless, do you want to do me here or take me back to that killing room in your basement and do me there instead?Ē

Years later John still remembers that final night of shared intimacy with Susan. That even at the end, after those long hours of brutal torture and mutilation, that even as he stood behind Susanís chair and gently lifted her chin until they stared into each otherís eyes, that unmistakable look of pure carnal longing in Susanís lovely eyes still remained even as he slit her throat.

Some victims are always more memorable than others...