Gazing down upon is his submissively waiting slave Jorge almost regretted what he must do. He could still feel the lingering dampness of Claire's saliva slowly evaporating from his sated cock as he paused to admire the deadly beauty of the antique rapier that would shortly end Claire's life of willing servitude. Like the farm on which they lived, this ancient sword in his hand had belonged to his family for generations, ever since one of his long forgotten ancestors had served as a king's musketeer.

Watching Claire's ample bosom swelling with each breath he lovely slave took Jorge almost wished this day had never arrived. A submissive and uninhibited little pleasure and pain slut, Claire had been his for more than seventeen years and after all that time he had never discovered Claire's limits or even if she truly possessed any.

Tonight, he'd decided to allow Claire to indulge herself in one of her favorite acts of eroticism, oral sex. Much to his pleasure, it turned out that Claire wasn't just a good cock sucker she was an almost unbelievably gifted one. In the last two hours she'd brought him to orgasm three times while using nothing but her mouth. Repeatedly using her tongue and lips to arouse him, and then enveloping his manhood in the tight depths of her throat until he climaxed once again. Jorge knew from pleasant experience that Claire would happily spend all night with his cock embedded in the wet warm depths of her sensuous mouth as she brought him to orgasm again and again. But not tonight, instead tonight Claire would die by his hand.

Gazing down at Claire as she eagerly rose higher on her knees as she arched her back to make her full firm breasts more prominent Jorge knew the time had come. Knowing that she's fully satisfied her master's sexual needs Claire was confident that she'd receive the brutal pain that she so desperately craved. It didn't matter what brutal instrument her loving master chose to employ, whip crop or cane, Claire really didn't care so long as the punishment she so desperately longed for was as utterly and overwhelmingly painful as possible.

For the thousandth time Jorge wondered it wouldn't have been better to discuss this with Claire, perhaps she would have understood and willingly accepted her fate. But Jorge already knew he couldn't place his future in the hands of a masochistic little pain slut like Claire.

Back when they'd first met they'd had nothing. But over the years he'd worked his way up into management and finally became vice-president of overseas operations. Now he was engaged to the company president's only daughter and Claire had become a pleasurable but inconvenient and quite possibly embarrassing loose end. And besides, Jorge seriously doubted that his fiancée Dominique would react positively to the discovery that he'd been keeping a woman as a sex slave, even a willing one, for the past seventeen years. Watching the light reflecting off the rapier's razor sharp tip Jorge reflected sadly, better safe than sorry.

Giving the chain attached to Claire's collar a less then gentle tug, Jorge casually stated, "I think you will find that I have something painfully new in store for you tonight my shameless little pleasure and pain slut, something that you may discover exceeds even your nearly boundless masochistic limits."

Despite my resolve I was surprised to see Claire rise higher unto her knees, her back arch even more provocatively as she listened to my words and when I ran her though it was almost as if she'd been expecting the blade. It didn't come as a surprise that Claire managed to stay on her knees with her hands on top of her head after all she was the embodiment of a totally willing and utterly masochistic pain slut. But I never expected a beautiful woman to utter little more than a muted painful gasp as several razor sharp feet of cold steel slid through her guts.

Despite having been run though Claire managed to hold her submissive stance, her hands never leaving the back of her head as I knelt down and lightly caressed the side of her face with my free hand, staring at her blindfolded eyes I said, "Claire, I know that you've always suspected this day would come, the day that our relationship would regretfully have to end."

I could see the all too familiar look of overwhelming torment on Claire's face as she struggled to respond, "Thank you Master", then in a much quieter voice, "Thank you Jorge, I hope you know that I've always loved you."

Leaning close Jorge responded, "Claire, know this, I've never once doubted your love for me."

Despite the sword in her guts Claire managed to smile as she said, "Thank you Master. As always my very existence is to serve your pleasure and should you decide that my death would amuse you I die as your willing pleasure slave." Sadly, watching the blood pooling between Claire's knees I realized what I had to do. Brushing the side of Claire's lovely face one last time I asked, "Claire, are you ready?"

Struggling against the pain, Claire took a deep breath and then responded, "Yes Master. But you should know that I've fantasized about dying for your amusement almost from the day we met." Smiling up at her Master one final time Claire said, "I've always known, that when the time came, you were the one" Then shaking her head in disbelief Claire shouted, "Fuck it Jorge, I'm just a slave, get it over with and just do me!"

Smiling darkly at Claire's willing acceptance of her darkly brutal demise, I slowly twisted the blade in her guts. Her sharp gasp of pain telling me all I needed to know of her agonizing torment as she felt her life bleeding away. Then, knowing that in all likelihood I was already talking to a corpse, I said, "Thank you Claire", as I pulled the rapier's blade from her guts and watched as Claire's lifeless body toppled face down onto the barn floor.

Staring down at Claire's lifeless body, I wondered if Dominique would do as well. I already knew that only time would tell.