Stepping out of the shower Lisa smiled as she heard the distinctive sound of thunder coming from out over the bay. Glancing out the window as she dried her hair Lisa could see the lightening and storm clouds slowly moving across the water. Her love for thunderstorms was one of the reasons she’d moved down to the Florida Keys after graduation, that and the surfing. Back then she’d wanted to take the summer off before getting a real job, of course, that had been three years ago.

Sometimes it’s funny how thing work out, I moved down to the Keys after college to surf but quickly discovered that I couldn’t make ends meet by waiting tables. I tried to get a job at the local surf shop teaching surfing but all the pimpled jerk running the place could do was drool while staring at my breasts. Still, later that night after the restaurant closed I was sitting on the beach with one of my waitress slash surfer girlfriends drinking cheap wine when she suggested starting our own surf school, and maybe it was the wine but it really sounded like a great idea. Fast forward three years and the two of us own the biggest surf shop in the Keys, “Surfer Grrls”, with six shop employees and eight full time female surfing instructors. What can I say, women are more comfortable taking surfing lessons from other women, and the men, well let’s just say they really like the way we look in those skintight wetsuits.

Already thinking about slicing up some cheese and opening a bottle of wine, Lisa gathered her hair up into a ponytail and put on thong panties and a tee shirt before heading toward the kitchen. Glancing out the living room windows she watched the approaching storm, already looking forward to the sound of rain against the skylights as she picked up her cell phone to dial the surf shop’s number. Pressing the send key she was surprised to see the no service indicator light up, her last fleeting though, it must be the storm. It was in those final fleeting moments, that Lisa suddenly felt the room grow cold.

Stepping through the blackness of the portal Nosferocious saw his prey, a young human female, her long auburn hair tied up in a ponytail, her brief attire doing little to hide the delectable curves of her sensuously firm body while leaving her long tanned legs invitingly exposed. Turning from the windows she looked up at him in horror as he reached out grasping her by the neck and lifted her from the floor.

Lisa tried to scream but all the escaped her mouth was a faint gurgling sound, try as she might this monster’s grip around her throat was all but unbreakable. The ease which he lifted her up from the floor terrifying, Lisa found herself utterly powerless and completely at his mercy. It was then that Lisa heard his thoughts in her mind.

“Why aren’t you a pretty one, so shapely and yet so well-muscled. What a truly delectable morsel of nubile female flesh to sate my ferocious appetites after all those long millennia since those ancient Egyptian priests sealed the portal between our worlds."

Lisa was still staring into his glowing red eyes in abject horror when Nosferocious, with a casual flip of his wrist, snapped her neck...