“A Blade in the Dark,” in most women, that image conjures up thoughts of abject terror and heart-pounding fear, but in other's it conjures up something quite different, intensely erotic thoughts of utter and total masochistic surrender.

Thoughts of being at the diabolical mercy of some sadistic serial-killer sending horrifyingly delightful thoughts of eager masochistic anticipation coursing through Stephanie’s mind, she can feel her heart pounding within her chest, as she imagines helplessly staring down at the razor-sharp knife in his hand as its cold steel blade slowly dimples the smooth unblemished skin of her firm toned belly just below the base of her sternum...

The pressure of the unforgiving blade gradually increases until her killer pauses, using a skill that could only be learned over the course of butchering countless women, just before the sharp tip of his bade pierced her skin, to ask, “Anything you’d like to say before I do you Stephanie?”

With a faint smile, you whisper, “Thank you.” For a brief instant, you imagine you can actually sense him evilly smiling behind his blood-stained surgical mask, just before the razor-sharp blade of his knife slid smoothly into your belly.

The explosion of pain, all that I’d imagined and more, forcing an involuntary gasp of pain to escape my lips as that cold steel blade slipped effortlessly deep into my belly. The sudden unexpected pressure, as the tip of the blade grated against the vertebrae of my spine, forcing me backward against the abattoir’s chilling metal wall.

I could see the look of cruel sadistic satisfaction in my killer’s eyes as he slowly twisted that blade in my guts, each exquisitely brutal twist, sending another overwhelming explosion of white-hot agony coursing through me. I feel myself starting to go into shock. The bitter taste of blood fills my mouth as I feel the hot dampness of blood trickling down my thighs.

Knowing the end is fast approaching my killer brutally pulls the knife downward through my guts, the horrifying sensation of pure agony overwhelming any lingering thoughts of masochistic pleasure, as that sharp unstoppable blade obscenely opens my belly from my sternum down to my crotch in a sickening explosion of blood and gore.

The pain is all-consuming, washing away any lingering vestiges of sanity, as I feel myself growing weaker with each desperate breath, until my knees finally buckle, and I slide down to dangle helplessly by my manacled wrists, watching the final loops of my intestines slithering out of my brutally mutilated body as I died.

The serial killer known as “The Doctor” smiled with satisfaction as he carefully wiped the blood off his knife as he watched Stephanie die. He knew the video downloads of her torturous demise would sell nicely on the dark web, while her firm toned body that would fetch a high price among his ultra-wealthy cliental of cannibals once he finished carving her succulent flesh into steaks and roasts. When he was through, what little of Stephanie’s body remained, disposed of in that large tank of acid out back, fated to become just another beautiful woman who mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again...